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Its been a while!

Seems like I forgot to write and keep you updated...for that I'm sorry!

What's new? well we had an amazing sound bath in the cabin on site last week which was incredible and gave me the best nights sleep I have had in such a long time! The Himalayan bowls sang their hearts out, offering new combinations of harmonics as they were warm and very much at home. The Big Boy was on top form as he resonated and really growled when being struck. One client reacted tremendously well with wiggly feet, however she was oblivious to these movements!

Then it was the wind gongs turn in the cabin sound bath, and although there was no extreme fire being played, he performed beautifully with the flumi. Those dolphin noises and echoes really penetrated my inner soul so I can only imagine the positive power it was doing for those lying down!

Then came the crystals and as much as I appreciate and value their sonic contributions they still cause me to have a sense of loathing and dislike. This is not their fault at all as they are incredible at what they do and the shift they can inspire from within it truly remarkable. Its just they are like marmite!

Once the percussion had ended it was really lovely to be able to spend time with the sound bathers in a way we cant normally as we have to vacate the hall. We chatted about the sounds and how they are created, as well as getting some hands on experience with the bowls and really be able to sense their vibrations. I loved spending this time with these people who attend my sound baths fortnightly and be able to demonstrate the real power that these instruments hold within.

It was also delightfully to see one client bring her own bean bag and to see this was a success as we have been on a journey to find something for her to lie on which doesn't cause pain and allows her to maximise the benefits of the sound bath experience. Result!

This sound bath in the cabin was such a success we are repeating it. However I am having to really limit numbers as the space isn't as large as the school hall!

So glad my sound journey is progressing and in a direction that works for me and my family. I thank those that support me and some along to the sessions and sound baths as without you there would be no purpose to my work!

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