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'In the beginning there was sound. 

Sound began the whole thing, and in sound resides tremendous power. It opens doorways to other realities, for with the production of sound, energy can move from one system to another.'

- Barbara Marciniak -

About sound therapy

Sound therapy works on the knowledge that everything is created through frequency patterns and vibrations. Our physical bodies, mental thoughts and emotional feelings are all in a constant state of vibration.

Scientific researchers are proving what ancient sages have taught for millennia - that our bodies are an orchestra of cells that respond to vibration causing us to perform our very own symphonies of sound. 

Sound can act like the vitamins and nutrients that the body needs, so you require a full spectrum of frequencies to stay in peak physical, emotional and mental condition.

Gong Therapy

The gong is a powerful tool that produces warming vibrations. This enables the body to be bathed in a vast array of harmonious sound waves, washing the client from head to foot. 

Drum Therapy

Powerful tones from the hand held drums can enable the client to retrain themselves to a new rhythm of life. Great for those who are overworked and need to slow down! 

Himalayan Bowls

A sonic cuddle that warms from within as the eerie sounds surround you. Played both on and off the body these can enable relaxation and pain relief. 

Mixed Therapy

Sometimes one set of vibrations just isn't enough! The instruments can be combined to increase the sound waves and experience of the client. 

Crystal Bowls

Ethereal sounds come from these bowls as they float around the space. These can create some immense reactions and are the marmite of the sound world!

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