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Come along and join a session, sound bath or experience a tailored made one to one. Nothing could be simpler than booking an event...…….scroll down for large group sound baths, one to one treatments, children's treatments and small sound baths.

If you cant find what you are looking for contact me for individual requests.

What's on offer......

  • Feb 3rd 2022 sound bath
    Thu, 03 Feb
    Wonersh and Shamley Green primary school
    Gongs, crystal bowls and Himalayan bowls wash over you along with a host of other instruments. Soothing, cleansing and relaxing.
  • January special offer on small group sound baths
    Time is TBD at mutually convienient time
    Hullbrook Lane
    Need a little pick me up after Christmas? Want to relax with family or friends? Just want to restore well being and mindset to start the year? Get a group (max 6) together to share a sound bath in the cabin……. Perfect and only £20 per person! Limited time only….. grab a deal before they sell out!
    Time is TBD
    Shamley Green
    Want to treat yourself after Christmas indulgences? want to start the new year with a new habit? ..... try these sessions for a great price..... 3 sessions for £100 (normally £45 per session)
  • Thursday 23rd Dec 2021 sound bath - sadly cancelled
    Time is TBD
    Location is TBD
    this close to the festive season why not treat yourself to some me time..... make sure you are relaxed and in the best possible condition before the Christmas period takes over! For this sound bath only buy one ticket and get a second half price...... treat someone for Christmas......
  • Sound Bath Voucher
    Time is TBD
    Gong and Tonic
    Voucher that entitles the holder to attend one sound bath. Ideal Christmas gift!
  • small group sound bath
    Contact me to book a time and discuss needs
    Gong and Tonic
    Grab a bunch of friends and share in the sound experience together. Great for hen and stag weekends or just time for relaxing as a family.....
  • one to one therapy session
    contact me to arrange a convienient time
    Gong and Tonic
    If a personally designed programme of sound treatment is what you are after then look no further. Contact me for details and to book your session
    Time is TBD
    Gong and Tonic
    Need something a bit more than a sound bath. Have a 1-2-1 where treatment and sound is specific for your individual needs. Drum, gong, Himalayan Bowls or Crystals (or a combination) we talk to decide what you need. Feel so refreshed and amazing afterwards.
  • Childrens small group sound bath
    Time is TBD
    Gong and Tonic
    What could be more fun than having a sound bath with your buddies... book a party or event with these incredible instrument.
  • Child one to one
    Contact me to book a time
    Gong and Tonic
    Your child having difficulties with nerves, exams, emotions, relationships or just generally feeling down in the dumps? Book them for a session in sound
  • 20th January 2022 sound bath
    Thu, 20 Jan
    Wonersh and Shamley Green primary school
    wonderful sounds created by various instruments to wash over the body allowing a sense of well being and inner calm. What a way to spend an evening in the deepest darkest depths of January.
  • Thursday 9th Dec 2021 sound bath
    Thu, 09 Dec
    Wonersh and Shamley Green primary school
    Sound baths are becoming so popular.... what better way to relax and allow your body to restore than lying still whilst being bathed in vibrations
  • Thursday 25th Nov 2021
    Thu, 25 Nov
    Wonersh and Shamley Green primary school
    As the night draw darker what better way to relax than at a sound bath....
  • Thursday 11th November 2021 sound bath
    Thu, 11 Nov
    Wonersh and Shamley Green primary school
    Come along and relax and restore your body soul and mind through the vibrations and sonic energy of many instruments
  • Thursday 28th October 2021
    Thu, 28 Oct
    Wonersh and Shamley Green School
    Sound baths with a range of instruments to soothe and relax
  • Thursday 30th Sept 2021
    Thu, 30 Sept
    Wonersh and Shamley Green School
    Sound bath with sensational sonic sounds and subtle vibrations. Be washed by bowls, gongs, Crystal bowls and percussion whilst you lie back and relax. Total indulgence for you!
  • Thursday 16th Sept 2021 sound bath
    Thu, 16 Sept
    Wonersh and Shamley Green School
    Enjoy a time to yourself to rest, relax and restore whilst you are bathed in sonic vibrations. Gongs, bowls, percussion and more are used to create a dynamic set of pulses and vibrations that bounce around the room and are absorbed by your body. Feel refreshed.
  • Sound bath 2nd September 2021
    Thu, 02 Sept
    Wonersh and Shamley Green School
    Relax, restore and refresh….. enjoy the peace and a moment for you whilst vibrations wash over you easing tensions, stress and daily grind