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Amanda Harrison

Gong and Tonic is run by Amanda. She studied music and education at Canterbury University and spent 20 years following a very successful teaching career. 

After having her third child, Amanda decided that it was time to follow a different path and leave teaching. The day to day stress of managing a family, home and career meant that it was time to change. 

She studied Sound Therapy with BAST in 2016. This gave her the chance to learn how to play and combine the many different instruments used for therapy with one of the best practitioners in the World for sound therapy. 

Slowly, Gong and Tonic has evolved. Moving from the village hall to local school hall for fortnightly sound baths. The purpose built cabin in the garden allows flexibility and freedom to use it whenever clients needs some good vibrations. 

Now, Gong and Tonic are creating collaborations and developing whats on offer. Links have been made with other professionals so that events can be merged and offer clients further relaxation and mindfulness opportunities

It is such an exiting time.... please join me as Gong and Tonic grows and grows.....

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