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'A wise man seeks by music to strengthen the soul; the thoughtless one uses it to stifle his fears.'

- Confucius -

small groups

What better way to spend time than with a group of friends enjoying pure relaxation and stress relief!

Sound baths can be organised so that a maximum of 6 guests can have a session in the purpose built cabin located in a tranquil setting in Shamley Green, Surrey.

Guests can pre-book the type of sound experience they wish to receive or leave it up to the therapist to design one for them. The sound session can be purely one type of instrument or a combination depending on the guests wishes. These range from Gong baths, Himalayan bowls or Crystal bowls or using these instruments in varying combinations of two or perhaps all three, or even a drum journey. 

Prices vary depending on the package requested and number of guests, however they start at £100 for the session. If you wish to find out more or book a group package please do get in touch. 

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