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Wonderful work with other professionals.....

I don't know about you but this pandemic has made me appreciate where I live and the small opportunities that are on offer to me personally. I went through a period of having no work because of the safety issues and impact this could cause with COVID. However, coming through I have been able to find time to meet other like minded people and develop myself professionally.

Being forced to be at home, and focus inwards on what I do and how I do, meant I actually had time for true deeper reflection. Contacts were made with other professionals who are all local and trying to find their way through these turbulent times. This was so uplifting for my spirits and also reignited my passion for the sonic cuddles provided by my instruments. I truly love what I do and believe that I am privileged to be able to share it with so many people. This also meant time at home to research and inevitably purchase some new instruments..... I now love the monochord and Handpan and what they offer therapeutically for others as well as for myself!

For me during the pandemic, the highlight was being able to offer free sessions to those people who had gone above and beyond the call of duty. I offered sound baths to Local NHS staff and personal trainers. Wow, they arrived in need of some care and relaxation.

I met Simone from . Wow, what an energy force for exudes! minds mashed and ideas inspired we have been able to collaborate in what is the most wonderful way. Using her knowledge and passion for walking alongside the relaxing, restorative benefits of the sound bathing, we offer events that cater for all types of people. Getting out in nature to enjoy our surroundings and feel blessed by the locations we have on our doorstep. But whilst doing this being able to connect and talk with others, who we would not have necessarily met otherwise. It is a partnership I hope continues to grow and develop, especially being able to draw in more professionals and be able to really go to town with some spectacular events..... I will of course keep you posted on these future dates but trust me what I say they will be exciting indeed!

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