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Wellness for Women

Lets be honest..... how many women do we know that didn't take a break during 2020 and are flat out even now in 2021? how many juggled careers, families, homes and generally just day to day life! me for one..... My focus became everything that was close to me, supporting not only my young family but also taking time to help my parents and in-laws. Forget about a career for the year!

Well now it feels as if there is a shift... a small change in the world..... focus is moving from the endless tasks for other people onto the 'me time' and being able to restore my own health and energy levels.

Meeting other people during the pandemic has meant I have widen my own professional knowledge and met other like minded people. I offered a local personal trainer a free sound bath as she had worked tirelessly for others in the village. Everyone knows her and she is a true inspiration (for all ages and genders) Who doesn't know Lucy at ? . After her sound bath she commented that she knew someone I should meet and passed on my details..... before I knew it I was deep in conversation with a very passionate and energetic lady.

The seed was sown. Magic was about to happen. Opportunity came knocking and do you know what... I grasped it. For me the event that they are being planning will be the most magical moments you could wish for... I knew I had to be a part of what they were undertaking no matter what....

I introduce the first women only wellness retreat event that Nature, Nurture, Nourish are planning. They have secured the use of a national trust site in the Surrey Hills, with the most idyllic shepherds huts. Food is being planned and made by the most amazing Chef I know - Chloe at It will be the most sumptuous feast you could possibly imagine. There are events being planned for those that are more adventurous and cant sit still, but equally there is chance to sit and just be at peace with yourself, reading and taking in the glorious surroundings. I have been asked to attend to take a restorative and relaxing sound bath on the Friday night, so that attendees can switch off totally from stresses of work and families from the get go. I feel privileged to have been invited to join the guests for the feast afterwards. Then on the Saturday one of the many activities being organised is a drumming circle. I will be leading this workshop, taking a variety of drums for attendees to interact with and complete their own drumming journey. We will most certainly have time to connect to nature and let our inner beasts go! If you need more information on this retreat then please do contact . There are limited spaces so if it takes your fancy I would be quick indeed!

For me, this and other collaborations are making what has been a difficult period into a most wondrous and exciting time. I just can't wait and hope that more opportunities keep come knocking (although for those that know me... you know I don't sit around and wait... I will be getting out there....)

watch this space.....

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