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Exciting developments...the auditory anchor....

wow what an event last night and what makes it even better is the fact that I am sitting here typing this whilst listening to a recording of the sound bath! Just the best feeling as the sounds wash over me again but without the benefitting vibrations. What a great way to start the day!

One of my regular sound bathers commented that to be able to have the sound bath to listen to during the time between sound baths would be like an 'auditory anchor' allowing her to tune in to her experiences from the sound bath and self soothe.

Now for those regulars to find the sound bath dropping into their inbox later today. Its just so wonderful to do this work and find time to meet different and new people. Five years ago I would never have expected to be doing this but I love it and feel so grateful for opportunities that come my way to be able to carry out this rewarding job.

Watch this space as I get carried away with the sound recording.... drum journey..... gong washes.... Himalayan bowls and then the crystals..... people can tune into whatever sound they prefer and need at that moment....

Thank you BAST for giving me the skills and confidence to do this.

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