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My journey into Sound Therapy....

Updated: Sep 12, 2018

Last year I decided not to return to my teaching career after having my third child because I wanted to be able to spend time with my children rather than constantly be completing the paperwork required to educate other people's children.

I decided to research new paths that would enable me to still help children and their parents but not be so absorbed in the mundane, regularity of a teachers life. Having completed a BA in music at Canterbury Christ Church, I felt that this area would be somewhere to explore.

I soon came across many courses for sound healing, music therapy, art therapy and sound therapy. These sparked a real interest in me so I delved even deeper......

The course I settled on was run by BAST as I had heard about Lyz Cooper and her fantastic work within the realms of sound therapy. It helped that it was also held locally so I could attend and still juggle family life. What an amazing few weeks I had with the tutors and other students. Real, firm bonds were made with people coming from all over the World and from so many different backgrounds. I am so grateful to the people I met who inspired me and confirmed in my mind this was the direction I would like to see my life follow. Their mindfulness, openness and different view on the World in which we live made me see how beneficial alternative therapies are and how there is a place in this modern world for them.

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