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I love the cabin and the sound it generates when carrying out sound baths and also one to one treatments. But what I love just as much is sitting in the space, by myself and reflecting on my sonic sound journey. the reasons why I went into it and the direction it is following.

I now believe and can see how things in your life are meant to happen and we do have a predesigned route to follow and we need to just accept that and go with the flow rather than fight our destiny. Corny! YES! something I would have said 3 years ago? NO! My journey has been one of self discovery as much as sound discovery. I have learnt a lot about me as a person and what makes me tick and where my real passions are.

Family come first and that I have learn after devoting far much of my time to other peoples families and their children. Don't get me wrong I LOVE teaching … that's why its still a massive part of my life. But some schools suck you in and you forget who is important and what you are doing things for. Work to live don't live to work... isn't that the saying? Now being in control of who and what and when I teach, when I go out into other setting and when I get to be mum/ wife/ counsellor/ mediator/ chauffeur/ chef/ nurse and everything else that comes with a growing family, is amazing and I wouldn't change that now.

But back to the point of this … something new... things happening for a reason... paths crossing and uncrossing when they are meant to and offering new opportunities to embrace … never did I think I would be doing this and never did I expect to learn so much on the way... but love it I do.... now just watch out for the new developments in the new year with new opportunities and events that are just fantastic and exactly what and where I want to go and do and see and be part of..... including going to Joshua Tree as one of my clients keeps suggesting.... it will happen.... just one day in the future....

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